TrekNature is dedicated to fostering a global community interested in nature photography from around the world. TrekNature members strive to provide engaging photographs and useful critiques for each other and the entire internet community.
The underlying theme of TrekNature is learning more about the world through nature photography. TrekNature fosters this by allowing photographers to display their work grouped by regions in a supportive and orderly environment. This is accomplished by an easy-to-use system which encourages people to critique each other's work. Integrated with this system are forums designed to encourage discussion about specific photos, countries, and general topics. Since TrekNature is globally oriented, it is completely multilingual capable, allowing for the widest audience possible. Ultimately, TrekNature depends on the civility, honesty and participation of its members. By reviewing the Terms of Service, the TrekNature community will remain true to itself, and helpful to all.

TrekNature was first suggested by Robert Brown in June, 2004 and opened to the public in July, 2004. TrekNature is based on the same code used by TrekEarth. However, TrekNature is a dedicated nature and wildlife photo community.

  Regional Groupings of Photographs
  • Browse photos within Continents, Countries, Regions, States and Cities
  Critique System
  • Rate photos
  • Keep track of favorite members and photos
  • Optionally allow members to post edited versions of your image providing a useful visual example on how to improve a specific photo
  • Post new versions of your photos based on useful critiques that are linked to your original images
  • Compare workshop images with a unique side-by-side 1-Click Workshop Comparison feature
  Discussion Forums
  • Create discussions about specific photographs
  • Discuss topics within country specific forums
  Multilingual Capability
  • View page in any language (currently Chinese ~Traditional & Simplified~, Dutch, English, French, Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Russian)
  • Write information about photos and oneself, critiques, and forum discussions in any language
  Simple Design
  • Intuitive interface
  • Quick loading
  • Numerous crosslinks for easy access to photos and areas