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PeteShips (39) [2007-10-31 12:39]

The feeling of the near winter is in your picture. But also still a little of the past summer and autumn. I like your composition and the colours.
Tfs, Willem

PeteShips (39) [2007-10-31 12:35]

Hi Evelynn,

I like your pattern search. Going to talk to Niek about it, he is a colleague of mine.
This picture is wonderful. The variety in light and in patterns and you PoV.
Tfs, Willem

PeteShips (39) [2007-10-24 10:08]

Hoi Niek,

Prachtige foto met een mooi stukje onderwijs.

PeteShips (39) [2006-02-09 14:41] [+]

Heel erg mooi Niek. Het kunnen ook schapen zijn. Groeten, Willem

PeteShips (39) [2006-01-30 6:44]

... and a gordian knot. Well spotted, well balanced picture. Colour temperature is serene. Willem

PeteShips (39) [2006-01-25 15:30]

Good catch of the light. It seems if the darker part of the wall is carried by the lighter base. Willem

PeteShips (39) [2006-01-25 15:26]

Well spotted an captured. The light is beautiful, the note useful. Willem

PeteShips (39) [2006-01-23 6:38]

Well spotted! Picture well composed and very bright colours. TFS, Willem

PeteShips (39) [2006-01-22 6:50]

Hi John,
Art, that 's what it is. You must have an eye for it, I see it in your other pcitures also. Willem.

PeteShips (39) [2006-01-22 6:48]

The composition you have choosen is rather unusual for me (I would take away the mountains in the background). But in your picture they are adding somthing extra. TFS, Willem