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PhotoCritique [Translate]

RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-04 10:17]

Hi Satish

Beautiful picture! Apart from the good composition, DOF, sharpness and details, the expressions you have captured on the monkeys' face are truly moving. Excellent capture. TFS


P.S - I'd give this 2 but unfortunately I have no smilies left.

RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-03 23:19]

Salut Jeanpaul

C'est une magnifique capture. J'aime beaucoup le pose d'oiseau, le composition, la nettette et les details. Les couleurs sont belle aussi.



RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-03 23:09]

Hi Mauro

Nice shot. Excellent composition, sharpness and details. I particularly like the sunlit wings. Also that you've left enough space in the direction in which the bird is flying as to suggest a sense of motion.



RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-03 23:07]

Hi Tony

This is a lovely shot. I agree with Doug, the motorcycle definitely makes the image something special. Excellent DOF, very nice composition and really beautiful colours. I really like how the symmetry and peace of the scene is somehow transformed, yet not shattered, by the inclusion of the motorcycle. The eye is constantly drawn to it.

Very well done! TFS


RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-03 13:11] [+]

Hi Mike

Nice shot! First time I've seen one of these guys. Good exposure. The colours are nice and vibrant, and the green makes a great contrast against the grey-brown earth. Nice sharpness and detailing too. TFS


RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-03 13:00]

Hi Iris

This is a nice shot. I like the composition and colours very much. It isn't very sharp but I think the soft focus feel lends it a very interesting touch. Nice DOF. The details on the butterfly have also come out well.



RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-03 12:58] [+]

Hi Parthasarthi

Nice composition and an interesting POV. Nice sharpness and detailing, especially with the flower and the head of the butterfly. I also like the warm colours. Good DOF



RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-03 12:40]

Hi Murali

I really like this set of bee eater shots. Great composition and DOF. Excellent detail as well. More importantly you've captured a look in the bird's eye which seems to reveal something of its personality. Well done!


RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-03 12:34]

Hi Joey

Great picture! I really like the black background as well. It lends the image a special quality. Very nice composition and great DOF. The image is so sharp and well detailed I can almost feel the dewiness of the snail. Well done!



RadhikaG (93) [2007-05-03 7:20] [+]

Hi Ravi

Great shot! Very nice POV and composition. Good exposure too; the details have been perfectly captured. The sharpness and details are amazing as well. Very well done!