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PhotoCritique [Translate]

SergeMtl (10) [2008-04-08 18:50]

Very unusual flower. Delicate colour in spite of the very subdued lighting.

SergeMtl (10) [2008-04-08 18:46]

Very nicely captured. The backlighting works well here, setting the subject off from the busy background. There's real energy in the image.

SergeMtl (10) [2008-04-08 18:40]

Crisp image. Blues like steel.
Where are those shadows coming from?

SergeMtl (10) [2008-02-02 14:48]

Le camouflage est en effet tres interessant. En ce qui concerne la cloture, je crois que sur ce site, tout evidence de l'existence de l'humanite est generalement mal vu. Une de mes photo, qui montrait des habitations humaines harmonieusement integre dans un paysage splendide,(TrekLens: "Fitting In") a carrement ete enlever du site. Soyons sage/sauvage.

SergeMtl (10) [2008-01-19 22:58]

Good composition. Well chosen backround for a green subject. I love these little aliens.

SergeMtl (10) [2008-01-19 22:54]

I love the mood you have captured here. Subtle, painting-like look. In India I saw and heard crows everywhere and I became quite familiar with their particular brand of music.

SergeMtl (10) [2008-01-19 22:50]

I also wish I lived where there was such vibrant life in January! Fantastic shot! The colour is so fresh. Should go in a referrence book.

SergeMtl (10) [2008-01-19 22:36]

The colour scheme does remind one of those old hand-tinted postcards from California, etc, but the delicateness of the bird's head is what really makes this special.

SergeMtl (10) [2008-01-19 22:30]

Beautiful colour on the bird. Good capture with delicate detail.

SergeMtl (10) [2008-01-19 22:27]

Well chosen moment. I wouldn't mind seeing the subject a little closer and a bit deeper focus to get the female's head sharper. Fun shot nonetheless.