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Su1976 (2) [2008-05-09 5:43] [comment]

Very good close up! Good Job!

Su1976 (2) [2008-05-04 3:37]

Salaam Suhailah,

Great picture. I love such photos of nature. Indeed you were lucky that you had your camera with you. But personally, if there was more sunlight, the photo would look better i think. Maybe I'm wrong but that's my personal opinion, hope u don't mind :-)
Nevertheless, great job and keep it up!

Su1976 @ (Suhailah Binte Ibrahim)

Su1976 (2) [2008-05-04 3:28]

I like this photo. Well done! I know it's not easy to take a close-up of such a small bird. What's even more surprising is that it is taken in tiny Singapore! Must go to the Bukit Batok Nature Park one of these days :-)

Keep shooting!

Su1976 (2) [2008-05-03 19:19] [comment] [+]

Beautiful! I love mountains and photos of them. I have some of Mount Sinai and I will post some here in the future.
Keep up the good job Josh