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cgabay (52) [2006-09-27 2:07]

Nice catch of a nice moment. Pity because some of species hate from water.

cgabay (52) [2006-09-24 14:26]

Lovely terns with meal :) I loved one foot up one...

cgabay (52) [2006-09-24 11:16]

nice catch with nice composition. I am happy to be in treklens. I think I am gointo have chance of meeting new bird shooters.

cgabay (52) [2006-09-24 11:13]

Very good pose with nice composition.

cgabay (52) [2006-09-24 11:10]

Dedim Bu peregrine ismi yabancı değil. FK dan dostlar mutluluk veriyor. Detay dolu mükemmel bir fotoğraf. Sevgiler.

cgabay (52) [2006-09-24 9:51]

Güzel bir kızılsırtlı...

cgabay (52) [2006-09-24 9:48]

I could not decide which one is better. The shadow or the frog itself.

cgabay (52) [2006-09-24 9:42]

I love their lovemaking time. They usually allow you to work around them. Nice photo with nice composition.

cgabay (52) [2006-09-24 9:38]

Good photo with good explanation. Thanks a lot for the knowledge you supplied.

cgabay (52) [2006-09-24 9:36]

It is a fantastic photo of a flying bird with 600mm.