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cwong (17) [2004-11-26 2:10]

Hi Gert, this is an excellent macro shoot. Excellent sharpness and details. Good sharing. Regards,

cwong (17) [2004-11-26 1:48]

Hi Lisa. You know what? I have never seen the skin of snakes upclose before, I'm terrified of snakes. But thanks to you, now I have an idea how it looks. Sad to hear about its death.
I like the texture or pattern of your photo. You have presented it in a very nice way. Truly magnificent. Thanks for sharing. Regards,

cwong (17) [2004-11-24 5:34] [+]

Hi Ricardo.
This is a great shot. Good composition and colour. Very informative note. Thanks for sharing.

cwong (17) [2004-11-24 5:30]

Hi Astrid,
This is a very good capture. Excellent sharpness and composition. I also like the pose of the frog. Nice sharing.