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mbukhari_prm (20) [2006-12-26 7:00]


This bir is Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus). It is a small Asian bird. The drongos are passerines restricted to the Old World tropics.

This species is usually found in open forests and similar lightly wooded habitats, including farmland and habitation. Three or four eggs are laid in a cup nest in a tree.

These are aggressive and fearless birds, 28 cm in length, and will attack much larger species if their nest or young are threatened. There are also some cases of Drongos preying on small birds.

You got it very close but still it is not a sharp image. Focus needs to be improved.

mbukhari_prm (20) [2006-12-26 6:50]

Hi Yasir

Good to see you here too.

This is nice photo of common myna. However, the subject is a bit out of focus. It would have been better if you had made the bird's eyes as the centre of focus.

Anyways, composition is good.