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sulairdh (22) [2006-10-29 12:11] [+]

Lovely Shot Walter. I like the BG and the pose. BW works well as a perch.

sulairdh (22) [2006-10-22 19:14]

Hi Ken. Great shot with an almost perfect BG that sets off very well against trhe bird. I like the perch. Exposure is good and the colors wonderful. Regards, David.

Title: Bird
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Needs Improvement

sulairdh (22) [2006-10-22 18:55]

Hi Sergio, nice bird. You have given your self a tough job with a black and white bird in bright sunshine and poor sun angle. The whites are overexposed and the face is quite dark. Not a lot to do but shoot later (or earlier) in the day, though sometimes compensating for the overexposure and using a bit of fill flash can help. The crop feels a bit static with the bird right in the middle....placing it to one side can make the picture have more oomph. Regards, David.