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wojciechcz (160) [2009-07-12 9:55]

Very nice capture. Good colours. I would like it even better if you would left whole reflection in the frame.

wojciechcz (160) [2009-07-02 4:25]

Very nice light. Morning?
I found large colony of those birds in Morocco. Many of them breeding.

wojciechcz (160) [2009-07-01 5:56]

Congrattulations! i know how hard it is to capture bird flying in your diretion. For some reason they always rather fly oposite diretction ;)

wojciechcz (160) [2009-07-01 5:53]

You have captured excelent moment! Of course it would be nice to be closer and higher - but i know how hard it can be

wojciechcz (160) [2009-07-01 5:51]

it is amazing how sharp the eye is considering such a long exposure!

wojciechcz (160) [2009-06-28 12:34] [comment]

Are you sure that this is in Casablanca not Rabat?

wojciechcz (160) [2006-06-29 5:56]

Well, what can I say. Bird is burned. Next time try to use spot meter or underexpose a step or two. (Exposure 30 seconds? - it must be a mistake). Good thing is that you managed to come that close to a heron what is not easy. Good luck next time

wojciechcz (160) [2006-06-28 4:59]

Beautiful light on water. I also like composition with the rock in the corner. However bird looks slightly too bright - did you you adjust its brightnes in PS? Details (especially on the neck) are not perfect - perhaps because of long exposure.
Nice shot anyway!

wojciechcz (160) [2006-04-26 11:02] [comment]

What you have photogrpahed is Aloe (I am not sure what species). It is widely use in cosmetics, parapharmaceuticals and also food industry