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zuljin (23) [2009-12-30 7:44]

Stvarno odlicna fotka...kako stvari stoje izgleda malo nas u Srba fotka prirodu...

zuljin (23) [2007-02-04 3:19]

Very nice color and sharpness

Thanks for sharing


zuljin (23) [2007-02-04 3:17]

Sparrow … my favourite bird 

Excellent sharpness and POV as well.


zuljin (23) [2007-02-04 3:16] [comment]

I like the atmosphere on this photo ... well taken


zuljin (23) [2007-01-26 10:36] [comment] [+]

GREAT SHOT. Did you do any afterworks regarding the colorisation or not [email protected]

zuljin (23) [2006-10-03 7:59]

I`ve seen this kind of rocks on the sea coast in Croatia. I have several in my app. keep my tuthbrush in it:)

Very nice photo, hope I`ll put some on TN soon so you could hear your opinion as well.

Title: Mirror
Mirror (11)
raimonc (174)


zuljin (23) [2006-10-03 7:54]

Is that a mirror or the lake?! It`s really amasing moment.

zuljin (23) [2006-10-03 7:48] [+]

It`s an amasing photo. The capture, crop ... everything seems just perfect.
Thank you

zuljin (23) [2006-10-03 7:47] [+]

Very sharp photo. What was the distance I would like to know?

zuljin (23) [2006-09-01 8:50]

The sharpness is amassing. What was the distance from you and your “target” and did you use a stand?

Very nice