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Filnato (101) [2013-07-22 13:23] [comment]

Hi Christodoulos,
an excellent capture of this hard to photograph bird. Lots of nice detail and nice colours.
Regards, Filippos

Filnato (101) [2013-07-22 13:22]

Hi Hasan, a wonderful capture depicting the behaviour superbly. Lovely colours and spot on focus and exposure.
Regards, Filippos

Filnato (101) [2013-07-22 13:20] [comment]

An excellent close capture, lovely details and warm colours.
Regards, Filippos

Filnato (101) [2013-07-22 13:18] [comment]

Beautiful photo, lovely capture of the bird being active. Excellent colours and exposure.
Regards, Filippos

Filnato (101) [2013-07-22 13:14] [comment]

Hi Gert,
A very beautiful and pleasing image. Excellently composed and exposed.
regards, Filippos

Filnato (101) [2013-07-22 13:12] [comment]

A very nice portrait of the lizard, nicely composed and accurately exposed, with lots of detail.
regards, Filippos.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-21 12:47] [comment]

Hi Peter, a wonderful image of a graceful bird. Very good sharpness and accurate exposure and colour. Regards, Filippos

Filnato (101) [2013-07-21 9:00]

Hi Sami. I am amazed by the beauty of the image. So smooth use of dof to make the image more satisfying. And such a lovely and interesting plant.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-21 8:59] [comment]

Yiannis, a love;y composition with great sharpness and accurate colours and exposure. My regards, Filippos.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-21 8:57] [comment]

Great behavioural capture Christodoulos. Sharpness and colours accurate. Composition very well made.