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Filnato (101) [2013-07-21 8:55]

Wonderful image Christdoulos. I love the action and how it is looking at you while on the move. Crisp detail and accurate colours.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-21 8:53]

WOnderful image Yiannis. Fascinating and intersting. Detail and colour is I would say perfect.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-21 8:50]

Very nice crisp and crystal clear detailed image of this lovely plant.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-05 8:22]

Geia sou Yianni.
Lovely image, great positioning of the insect and very nice colours.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-05 8:20]

The choice of a long vertical frame is very helpful, great detail and sharpness too.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-05 8:18]

An excellent image, very admirable both for the detail and for the composition.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-05 8:17]

A very beautiful image, lovely composition and excellent choice of angle.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-05 8:15]

No doubt an excellent capture with great action! Sharpness and exposure also great!

Filnato (101) [2013-07-05 8:14]

Such an awesome capture, the viewer is amazed by the detail and the beautiful colors and patterns that the detail provides. Excellent sharpness all over.

Filnato (101) [2013-07-05 8:11]

Beautiful details on the feathers, very well exposed and composed capture of the nicely posing bird.