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Andrew17 (10) [2007-11-17 7:20]

Great vantage point. I like the perspective lent by the spectators. They give a depth here that might not otherwise be realized. Pretty waters down there. They definitely draw the eye through this shot.

Andrew17 (10) [2007-11-17 3:58]

Amazing clarity and detail in this shot. I like how you've utilized the rocks as your fareground element of interest as well. The color there really pops.

I think I may like a right side here a tad better than the left though. Hmm....well....maybe had fortune placed a boat out there or something along those lines. Perhaps even a large rock out there in the water. I know....we shoot what's presented. I'm not big into PS fakery myself.

The desire for an element of interest out there on the left is really just a hyper-picky personal preference of mine. I get that way when I see photos I really like. I'm that way with my own stuff too. My own worst!

Splendid! Nice warm feel to that sand off to the right as well. Enjoyed!

Andrew17 (10) [2007-11-17 3:52]

Lol....very funny! He IS just like a ball of fluff, isn't he/she!? Pretty thing. Nice shallow deoth of field enhances the subject all the more. Good one!