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Blair (75) [2012-03-22 8:12]

Hello There!

What a wonderful face you have captured here. Your POV and framing of the shot are very well done. The focus is a bit blurry, but it can be hard to capture some of these busy creatures being still enough to get a clear shot.

I would have liked a little note about the picture as well. Where did you find such a handsome fellow?

Thank You for sharing your photo!

Blair (75) [2012-03-20 10:22]

What a great point view! You were certainly in the right place at the right time. Beautiful color and texture captured in the deer coats as well.

Thank You for Sharing

Blair (75) [2008-06-16 23:22]

Beautiful Moment. A great mood shot.

Blair (75) [2008-05-26 21:54]

Very Cute Shot. Good POV and wonderful details.

Blair (75) [2008-05-26 21:48]

Beautiful Colors. Very Dreamy Mood.

Blair (75) [2008-05-26 21:42]

Beautiful Shot. Well Done!

Blair (75) [2008-05-26 21:41]

Great POV. Wonderful Sharpness This shot should have a lot more points than it does.


Blair (75) [2008-05-13 23:12]

Great Shot! I Love how you captured his flick of the fish. Beautiful deatils captured.

Blair (75) [2008-03-26 18:53]

What a great shot! I have tried for shots like this and never get one of this quality. Beautiful with the sun hitting his head. Was there only one orca? what camera and lens did you use?

Blair (75) [2008-03-24 22:12]

I Love Clouds. Beautiful Clarity here. Nice Compo. I Love the contrast between the fluffy clouds and the flat field.