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Dooley (59) [2006-02-20 13:15]

Great detail and background blur. Looks a little too sharp(?)but still excellent job.

Title: Friends
Friends (14)
aljawad (261)


Dooley (59) [2006-02-20 13:12]

Great composition and silhouette. Great photo.

Dooley (59) [2006-02-20 13:09]

Beautiful detail. Excellent macro shot. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to see the open winged shot.

Dooley (59) [2006-02-12 16:27]

Great close up shot. Thanks for sharing.

Dooley (59) [2006-02-11 15:19]

Wow, great photo w/ emotion and warmth. I love the background bokeh w/ smoothly matching color of the subjects. Great moment was captured here and I wonder what focal length you used (about 350-400mm?). Left lower foreground looks just a little too prominent and wish it was a little less bright and sharp. Well done and lovely shot.

Dooley (59) [2006-02-11 15:00] [+]

Hi Jorge,
Beautiful shot w/ detail, color, and sharpness. Great job on capturing this shy 'not-so-cooperative' butterfly. I felt just a little too tight but still great photo. I wish the backgroud was a little smoother. Overall, great photo and I enjoyed very much. Thanks for sharing.