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EMTME22 (58) [2012-07-12 6:09] [comment]

I love this picture! The white, contrasting with the green background and the pink of the flower, is beautiful!

EMTME22 (58) [2012-07-12 6:07] [comment]

Good shot, I also love to get pictures of Egrets and Herons, they are beautiful birds.

EMTME22 (58) [2011-07-20 8:00]

What a great picture, the color is beautiful! Well done!

EMTME22 (58) [2011-07-05 11:20]

Great shot, love the sharpness.

EMTME22 (58) [2011-06-29 7:12]

Awesome picture, the sharpness is perfect and the colors are beautiful. TFS.


EMTME22 (58) [2011-06-23 12:25]


Great capture of the fly and spider especially with both being so sharp and in focus. The background sets off the white of the flower and makes it and the yellow center really stand out.


EMTME22 (58) [2011-06-23 10:01]

Hello Pauly,

Beautiful shot, the sharpness is perfect and the way she is looking at you makes it even more interesting! Awesome!

EMTME22 (58) [2011-06-20 10:43]

Hi Alain,

Beautiful shot, perfect background which sets off the shadows and the white of the flowers. So sharp you almost want to reach out and touch.