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PhotoCritique [Translate]

Eugene (264) [2006-03-12 12:08]

Great expression!!!!

Eugene (264) [2006-03-09 13:21]

Beautifull picture with great lightning. Very nice the colors angainst the black background.

Eugene (264) [2006-03-05 12:53]

I like the movement in the picture. It gives something special to it. Well done.

Eugene (264) [2006-03-05 4:39] - [workshop] [compare]

Hallo vivian, Altijd fantastisch fotograferen deze aapjes. Ik heb een workshop voor je gedaan want ik vond de kleuren wat flets. Opzich een goede foto hoor! Groetjes eugene

Eugene (264) [2005-05-15 4:47]

amazing sharpness and a great contrast against the black backgroound. Superb.

Eugene (264) [2005-05-15 4:45]

Great picture. The birds looks coming off the picture. Very sharp.

Eugene (264) [2005-05-15 4:43]

Great moment in time. It gives a special effet. Nice work. Greetings, Eugene

Eugene (264) [2005-05-06 13:17]

Beautifull composition. I looks like the notes of a songbook. But anyway well captured. Greetings, Eugene

Eugene (264) [2005-05-06 13:14]

Nice composition and beautifull sharp. Well done. Greetings, Eugene

Eugene (264) [2005-04-22 16:17]

Great picture with very beautifull colors. Nice work. Greetings, Eugene