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Ferret (0) [2011-04-03 15:55] [comment] [+]

Nice shot, but I do not think it is a Serin, its a male Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)

Ferret (0) [2009-10-13 11:36] [comment] [+]

Lovely clear shot Nick with the bird standing out well against the out of focus background, I like it.

I donít think it is a Coal Tit though, I think it is either a Marsh Tit (Parus palustris) or a Willow Tit (Parus montanus) these two are notoriously difficult to tell apart even in the hand and I am no expert but I would plump for it being a Marsh Tit.


Ferret (0) [2009-04-15 15:43] [comment]

Looks like a Bahama Pintail(Anas bahamensis, obviously not a native of Paris. Nice pic though.

Ferret (0) [2009-02-09 16:07]

Lovely photo, very good depth of field, and good lighting. I think it is a Sawfly rather than a wasp, but I have no idea of Genus or Species

Ferret (0) [2008-12-19 16:23]

I like the way you have kept the shutter speed slow enough to keep some movement in the wings while keeping the bodyís sharp, well done.

By the way the bird being chased is a Hooded Crow Corvus cornix


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aavize Silver Note Writer [C: 3 W: 0 N: 11] (619)


Ferret (0) [2008-12-10 17:50] [2]

Nice shot Arif, good depth of field, sharp subject with soft out of focus background, well done.

Not a Bee though but a fly, a Hover Fly probably of the Family Syrphini, Genus Eupeodes


Ferret (0) [2008-11-10 18:31]

Hi Paromita,
Nice photo, sharp focus and good lighting.

By the way it is an Orchid, a slipper Orchid probably of the Cypripedium family but thatís about as far as I can get.


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Ferret (0) [2008-11-08 12:44]

Beautiful Photo Hasan, good depth of field giving a nice sharp subject with a pleasantly blurred background, as Kirti said it would have been nice if you could have avoided the blue flowers in the background but I do not think this distracts too much.
Good choice of subject I love Macro shots of unusual Insects, I may be able to help a little with the ID, although I have not as yet seen one of these myself, I think it is a relative of the Lacewings, I think it is an Antlion probably a male from the look of those clasper's.


Ferret (0) [2008-09-15 15:43] [+]

Josep, I like the symmetry of the necks of the geese. The two large birds are Chinese Geese the domestic form of the Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides) and the smaller bird is a domesticated form of Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos).

Ferret (0) [2008-08-31 16:34] [comment]

Nice shot, I like the sprinkling of pollen that seems to make it glow. Not a Wasp however but a Hover Fly probably of the family SYRPHINI, afraid I cannot help with the species as I do not have guides for North America.Oh and by the way it is a female.