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GabrielaRuellan (26) [2010-09-27 22:59] [comment]

No doubt a danaine caterpillar. How pretty!

GabrielaRuellan (26) [2010-07-30 20:46]

Nice shot, sharp, descriptive... and it even captures some of the behaviour of the robin. Oh, and the colour palette is beautiful! ¡Excelente!


GabrielaRuellan (26) [2010-07-30 20:24]

Oh -- this is Potentilla indica, I think. It grows in my area, though my guidebooks say it's native to India. It was probably brought in as an ornamental plant, and sure it is pretty! Its flowers are yellow, not white as in the strawberries grown for fruit.
Regardng the taste of these small strawberries, I agree with Ram in that it's flat.

Nice shot by the way -- I like the clever composition.

GabrielaRuellan (26) [2010-07-30 19:36]

Perfect sharpness and a beautiful species to boot... but what makes this picture stand out from other technically perfect pics is, I think, the spotted texture made by the daisy-like flowers in the background. It's really lovely!


GabrielaRuellan (26) [2010-07-30 19:24]

Outstanding photo. Colour, composition and DOF make it look like a painting. Congrats!


GabrielaRuellan (26) [2010-07-29 15:06]

Spectacular species, what can I say!
Excellent colour and focus considering the bird seems to be standing in the shadow of a tree or building. A "nature book" type shot.