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HarpyLover (24) [2009-09-29 11:45] [comment]

Wonderful shot. Makes me wish I were there! Beautiful!

HarpyLover (24) [2009-09-29 11:43]

Stunning color! I enjoy the swirls, lines and texture variation. Your focus is very good. What flower is this and is it in full bloom? Please, some information on your subject would be much appreciated. Thank you for sharing!

HarpyLover (24) [2009-09-29 11:32]

I love this photo, Scott. Not only is it sharply focused on this beautiful flower, but the point of view you have chosen is great as well. I love the color variation. The yellow tips of this flower are accentuated by the yellow in the background. The variety of shape is lovely as well. I like this photo very, very much. Superbly done! I hope to see more from you.

HarpyLover (24) [2009-08-06 11:43]

Wonderful. If you took a photo of the pup alone, it would lack something. I cannot explain exactly what, but with the both of them together, you get a sense of how young this little guy is. And the expression is precious! Both subjects are clear, but you've made the pup somehow jump out at us. Really very well done. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful photograph.

HarpyLover (24) [2009-08-06 11:37]

Great POV, but not very sharp. Perhaps the light reflecting from the stone messed up your camera's focus. Thanks for sharing.

HarpyLover (24) [2009-08-06 11:33] [comment]

Stunning photo in all aspects!

HarpyLover (24) [2009-07-26 23:06] [comment]

Fantastic...I opened your photo and literally exclaimed out loud..."Wow!"

HarpyLover (24) [2009-07-26 23:01] [+]

Hello. I really like your After Rain and On the Move photos. I am not a professional, by any means, but since you are asking what "we" think...I would have made sure to not get, what appears to be a fence, in the shot. I find it distracting. The overall photo seems dark to me. The shadow on the bird doesn't help any. The browns and greens seem to blur into each other. The focus appears to be mainly on the "shoulder" of the wing. And I agree, the bar being in the center isn't how I would have done it, but everyone is different in their tastes. I've gone through your photos, you clearly have taken some lovely pics of other birds. Good luck on future avian subjects!

HarpyLover (24) [2009-07-26 22:45]

Hi Zoe,

Nice find! I happen like mushrooms a great deal, especially the ones that grown on trees. I am fond of the yellow, orange and cream colors with the touch of green grass about. I agree with tuslaw, in that a bit of trimming on the left might bring less attention on the grass. I think I know that you were trying not to center the subject, which I often like to do as well, but leaving too much space actually takes away from your beautiful mushroom. It seems to draw the eye away, almost making me think that there might be something else that you were trying to get into the photo. I also have found that if there are pieces of grass in front of the subject, you may want to triple check your focus. Even one tiny blade of grass can make your camera focus on it rather than this pretty little thing. I think you did a very nice job. You seem to have a good eye for things as you meander through nature. Take care :-)

HarpyLover (24) [2009-07-26 22:33] [comment]

Hello again. Lovely photograph...I do have a couple of questions for I am a novice. I see a reflection of the petals the flower lying laterally? Is this a glass background? I'm trying to figure out the white specs in the black background also. Could you give a bit of info on where you took this? Thank you.