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JRushen (62) [2017-04-12 4:20]

Hello Ron, I can see you also like nature pictures too. you have a lovely portfolio to choose from this one I like in particular. Excellent work,


JRushen (62) [2008-10-26 11:26]

Excellent crisp shot with good colour and detail. Well done Svetlana.

JRushen (62) [2008-04-18 6:24]

Lovely moment in time. Good focus and colour. Excellent work Art.

JRushen (62) [2007-12-15 17:43]

Dramatic shot Tony, lovely colours and textures. Makes for a beautiful desktop picture.

JRushen (62) [2007-08-28 15:47]

I really like this picture, lovely colours and focus. Makes a lovely desktop. Original.

JRushen (62) [2007-05-24 6:03]

Hi Akif, watched a Marsh Harrier through binoculars in Suffolk, England yesterday. Fascinating. Found your picture with the same terrain and now have it as a desktop picture, I really like it. Thankyou.

JRushen (62) [2007-02-01 20:15]

Beautiful abstract picture with excellent focus and clarity.

JRushen (62) [2007-01-12 6:57]

Excellent capture. Top marks Elroyie.

JRushen (62) [2007-01-11 8:03]

Very sharp, clear picture of a lovely and unusual bird. Interesting note with useful link.

JRushen (62) [2007-01-02 16:58]

Excellent composition. Natural colour with good detail. I like it.