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Lith (58) [2009-04-19 13:22]

The snail is beautiful Sonia! :) I've been told that there is a way to bring more of the field into focus though so that, in this case, it's whole shell could as sharp as the middle. I have been trying to do this with flowers but I haven't figured it out myself yet. Maybe you will have better luck? Awesome colors anyway!

Lith (58) [2009-03-21 17:20]

Awesome picture, Fil! :) :D That should last him for a day or two!
How did he catch it, even?

Lith (58) [2009-03-21 14:22]

Beautuful picture Serghei! :) I love the colors!

Lith (58) [2009-03-19 15:27]

Beautiful flowers, Loufah. :) I know some people who would have wanted the stem in focus too but I like the focus where it is. The colors are making me want to go out and see how the one flower (a tulip) that is blooming on our block is doing. I wish spring were here already.

Lith (58) [2009-03-19 15:23]

Awesome POV, tsotsito! The butterfly is almost symmetrical. Very unique and difficult to capture, I think. And the colors are beautiful! :)

Lith (58) [2009-02-23 17:49] [+]

I think it's great. :) I love the detail you were able to get.

Lith (58) [2009-02-22 17:15]

Beautiful pic!

It's either a crow or a raven. Jackdaws are small and look like they're wearing a darker cap on their heads and rooks have a high forehead that makes their beaks look thin.

How big was it?

Lith (58) [2008-11-22 15:52]

Well done! :) I love how you can see all the thousands of little pigment scales on the wings. I keep forgetting how fragile that beautiful color is, being just on the very surface and all. :)

Lith (58) [2008-11-21 16:46]

Magnificent! :) It's so hard to guess where the bolt will fall but the exopure was excellent!
:( I have to say that I hope no one was hurt by that monster though. Considering the size of the houses in the foreground compared to the width of the bolt, I'd guess that the base of that thing could just about swallow at least one house.

Lith (58) [2008-11-21 14:31]

Wonderful view, Steve! :) The water's so calm... the colorful reflections in the lake are as beautiful as the trees themselves.