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Mozwik (78) [2018-07-20 13:49]

Nice shot Luciano, great colours, and exposure. It's good to see the habitat in the background. I am fascinated by the crazy eyes of butterflies, thanks for sharing, Moz

Mozwik (78) [2018-07-20 13:07] - [workshop] [compare]

Great shot Lou, perfect focus of this interesting beetle, thanks for sharing, Moz

Mozwik (78) [2018-07-19 6:47]

Nice shot of this interesting insect, great focus and sharpness. Thanks, Moz

Mozwik (78) [2018-07-19 6:27]

Fantastic shot Dietrich! Bravo

Mozwik (78) [2018-07-16 14:47]

Amazing sharpness and detail, nice shot.

Mozwik (78) [2018-07-16 14:45]

Nice shot that really captures the environment well.

Mozwik (78) [2018-06-09 14:40]

Interesting flower, thanks for sharing. It looks like a lazy white squirrel is sniffing the anthers. Cropping out the bottom edge may be less distracting.

Mozwik (78) [2018-06-09 14:34]

Nice shot of a majestic bird, looking forward to more.

Mozwik (78) [2018-06-04 9:47] [+]

Nice shot Dietrich, good composition, focus, and DoF on the insect. I took a few myself yesterday as the opportunity presented itself but the large aperture and shaky hand didn't get any results close to this.

Mozwik (78) [2009-11-11 8:56]

Hi Emma,
Great shot, very stirring. The exposure is just right to give that powerful feeling. It's like a battle between light and dark. It sounds as if dark won that day as it rained.