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PhotoCritique [Translate]

Music (40) [2007-06-13 14:28]

I already wish to visit this coast! Very romantically!

Music (40) [2007-06-13 14:15]

Очень удачный снимок.
Резкость на высоте от головы до хвоста.
Разве что глубину резкости я бы сделал поменьше, чтобы размыть фон.

С уважением,
(Извините что по-русски)

Music (40) [2007-06-13 10:17]

You'll not believe - but she is a dragonfly-pianist!

Very very beautiful shot!

Music (40) [2007-06-13 10:15]

It so strong keeps for a branch )))
Fantastic. Nice shot!

But why you have not wanted to clean hair from the bug?!

Music (40) [2007-06-13 10:09]

I liked the Structure of a flower on which the dragonfly sits. What kind of flower is it???

Music (40) [2007-06-13 9:54]

Very interesting cold shade. Droplets seem ice! superb!

Music (40) [2007-06-13 9:52]

Interesting shot.

But I think, there are moustaches In a picture - should be a nose too!

Music (40) [2007-06-13 9:23]

Very beautiful sharp shot. But too contrastly on my screen!

Music (40) [2007-06-13 9:20]

I wish to find such dragonfly too ))

Music (40) [2007-06-13 9:17]

The interesting moment! Water as though has fallen asleep. And a tiger Velvet! Very qualitative shot!