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Shaver (100) [2006-07-23 6:56]

This rocks.... I love everything about this photo... Nice job TFS

Shaver (100) [2006-07-16 6:32]

I have always likes the slow shutter shots of water. You have not only captured the water but the landscape here is beautiful. Great photo TFS.

Shaver (100) [2006-07-11 3:12]

All I can say is WOW! Great shot!!! I would not change anything about this shot... Nice description also.


Shaver (100) [2005-12-07 13:26]

I Agree - WOW this shot is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it!

Shaver (100) [2005-11-15 5:59]

This is a truely outstanding photo of an interesting subject. Thanks for sharing.

Shaver (100) [2005-11-15 5:55]

Nice shot of a really interesting flower. Slightly over exposed but still a great shot

Shaver (100) [2005-11-15 5:50] [2]

This is a really interesting shot and note, Thanks

Shaver (100) [2005-11-15 2:38]

Very nice. Great colors.

Title: Lama
Lama (16)
tony59 (41)


Shaver (100) [2005-11-15 2:36]

Thanks for the laugh.

Shaver (100) [2005-11-15 2:33]

Very nice photo, great job with the DOF and light. Thanks for sharing. Welcome to TN. You have great equipment hope to see more of your work.