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Soulscape (6) [2006-05-19 10:20]

This is so typically Dutch blue sky well captured!!It really comes close to the Tibetan sky.

Soulscape (6) [2006-05-19 10:17]

Very nice Macro, great details. A nice pose!

Soulscape (6) [2006-05-19 10:15]

Was he having shaking chills?? It's rare to see him so close and capture it this way. It's a cute picture.

Soulscape (6) [2006-05-18 15:12]

Wow, I wish I was a butterfly, hide from the rain under such a giantic umbrella. ;-)

Soulscape (6) [2006-05-18 12:35]

haha, This is painfully beautiful.that guy's face expression is so well-captured! If i was him, what would I do?? hehe.
thanks for sharing

Soulscape (6) [2006-05-17 18:21]

The blue, the white and the little bird,it's such a cute picture/

Soulscape (6) [2006-05-17 4:28]

It's a vivid close-up with fine details, frame is pretty too

Soulscape (6) [2006-05-16 7:23]

Hallo Monika, It's cute and weird. the lighting, the details and the contrast are wonderfully done. like this picture a lot.

Soulscape (6) [2006-05-16 7:00]

it's like a waking dream!

Soulscape (6) [2006-05-16 6:57]

I don't know if it was time stood still or the Wasp! breathtaking capture!