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Zephyrus (28) [2008-02-02 16:24]

Hi Alan,
Beautiful picture, thanks. Ageha(Papilio xuthus) is very common butterfly in Japan. But it becomes rare in northern part of Japan, for example, in Hokkaido it is quite rare. The southernmost limit of its distribution is northern Burma(Myanmar), I have seen specimens of xuthus from there. Motoki

Zephyrus (28) [2008-02-02 1:18]

Hi Arjun, good picture! I was touched with your eyes to small creatures. Usually people would overlook such a small "blue" on the flower.

Here I would like to make another comment on classification. This butterfly does not seem to Pseudozizeeria maha. The underside of that species is more browish. I think this butterfly must be the female of "The Common Hedge Blue"(Acytolepis puspa). motoki

Zephyrus (28) [2008-02-01 19:58] [+]

Hi Alan, this butterfly are increasing and expanding in Japan these days. When I was a child, it never flied in Tokyo. But now, this species are the most common butterfly in Tokyo. Some researchers argue that climate change has been a major factor.
regards, Motoki