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andykirkland (6) [2009-05-05 13:16] [comment] - [workshop] [compare]

I added a workshop to look at. Just an idea.

andykirkland (6) [2009-05-05 8:03] [+]

I'm finding a pattern in your images. Greatness. Adding to the other critiques I'll tell what I find to be the solid point for me in this shot. The rock. And I know you put that rock there on purpose. I want to see the shot from the front, to know what is in that shack. But I can't see in it. It's a mystery. That alone makes this a truly unique shot. I am afraid that if I were standing on that rock I would not know which direction to go. Because you have such great patience the reflection is superb. I would dive into the water chasing those refelctions.

andykirkland (6) [2009-05-05 7:42] [+]

This image gives me the feeling I missed on the previous image I critiqued of yours. I absolutely love this shot, I wish that I had taken it. Very strong DOF and use of vertical lines. The reeds do not send the viewer up out of the frame but deep into the image to the red and gold colors. The reflection deepens the image giving the viewer a sense of depth not captured in may refelctions. This isn't merely a reflection, but another line down expanding the frame.

andykirkland (6) [2009-05-05 6:55]

I'm not sure I understand the subject of you image. The snow in the front is blown out to the point I'm not sure if its a snow bank, or supposed to be a road. The trees do contrast with the snow on their branches but that one tiny stick on the right distracts from the whole image.

andykirkland (6) [2009-05-04 14:01]

You've done great exposing the water, and the inside of the cave, but you've washed out the outer walls. The near right wall severaly distracts from the focus of the image, the inside of the cave.

Possibly retake from a lower vantage point and show the true height of the walls since the cave is rather shallow. Great spot. Keep trying.

andykirkland (6) [2009-05-04 13:58]

Excellent detail but the framing shows too much sky. The lone red eye shows fierce concentration and forces the viewer to imagine what could possibly be sitting out of frame, waiting to be eaten by the Palmchat.

Another crop could possibly make this a truly enjoyable image.

andykirkland (6) [2009-05-04 13:52]

You've done well stoping this duck in action as it leaps onto this log. The light reflecting on all of the water droplets shows great detail and adds movement and excitement to your image. Even though your duck is blurred due to movement, the image is sharp and shows great detail. Notice how the eyes appear to be closed. Good use of depth of field. This is an excellent example of blurring the background to show focus and attention to the subject. This technique is overdone and improperly used - you've captured it well.

andykirkland (6) [2009-05-04 13:47]

Outstanding representation of colors. Too bad the front wing appears to be out of focus. A shift to the right could possibly have allowed for a better focus. Your depth of field could possibly have been deeper as well. Keep up the good work.

andykirkland (6) [2009-05-04 13:33]

Spectacular shot. I'm cold looking at it. You've done well capturing the tone and feeling of your subject. I feel that the cold is the subject, and not so much the water, snow, trees, or fowl on the water. Your horizon line is low in the frame and stream flows from left to center and leaves the viewer with an impression the stream travels on. Your exposure of the snow and the sky match beautifully. If you edit enough to bring out the red and gold of the foilage your image should be perfect.

andykirkland (6) [2009-05-04 13:16] [+]

Great angle, depth of field and framing. Even thought the larger cattail is in the center, the smaller cattails on the sides frame the image and provide balance. The reflections lead the viewer not only to the subject, but also into the depth of the image. The sky narrowly distracts the eye away from the water line.