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arpitadutta (52) [2013-02-11 3:37] [comment]

Its beautiful shot but I guess its little bit over-exposed. but the very nice capture.

arpitadutta (52) [2013-02-11 3:35] [comment]

Good one and very cute

arpitadutta (52) [2013-02-11 3:31]

Awesome shot of this gorgeous raptor.

arpitadutta (52) [2013-02-11 3:30] [comment]

Its beautiful. Perfect lighting and depth of filed. But I feel instead of framing the subject at center, it would have been better to move it a little right. Thanks for sharing!!

arpitadutta (52) [2013-01-26 14:52] [comment]

Beautiful flight

arpitadutta (52) [2013-01-26 14:50] [comment] [+]

"Shoot me with your camera...I'm posing :)" may be the seagull is trying to say this or "Get out of our way"..but nice snap..