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atish2k9 (48) [2007-09-08 7:42]

lovely colors and mood...

atish2k9 (48) [2007-09-08 7:39]

beauty full creature... do you know some info about this bug.... i also found one but i was not having a camera

atish2k9 (48) [2007-08-01 4:49]

lovely colors

atish2k9 (48) [2007-08-01 4:47]

you have writen a perfect tittle for this photo

atish2k9 (48) [2007-06-29 3:12] [+]

it is taken at delhi zoo?

i want to know which pelicans are found at delhi zoo

atish2k9 (48) [2007-06-29 3:10]

hmm good collection of mushrooms. and properly identified

atish2k9 (48) [2007-06-28 10:41]

hi smitha
good focus. i can feel that the bird is in motion.

atish2k9 (48) [2007-06-26 9:41]

hmm good photo.
i had also taken some photos of this bird. but i could not find the name of the bird.
but now i got it from ur photo. thanks

my photo of the same bird

atish2k9 (48) [2007-06-26 9:30]

perfect photo.
looks as the sider is waiting to attack.
spider looks like a perfect predator

atish2k9 (48) [2007-06-26 9:23]

i like the colors
not so sharp, but its a good one