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avibram (120) [2009-09-27 4:12]

Nice shot and positing the only thing is that it looks a little dark to me,maybe a little brighter and then it will really pop out

avibram (120) [2009-09-25 7:04] [+]

Nice shot and I agree about the fence in the BG .
Are there a large amount of birds in the gardens and when is a god time to photograph there
I am in Kfar Vradim

avibram (120) [2009-09-25 6:31] [+]

Alan Shalom
This is actually a Palestinian Sunbird(Nectarinia osea)

avibram (120) [2009-05-12 20:24]

Jane Hi there,yes this is a juvenile dove by the looks of it changing plumage. In the 2nd shot you see that there is no plumage on the chest
Nice shots

avibram (120) [2009-05-04 4:01]

Evelynn now thats a lot of MOOSE charging at you ,How's your andrenelin level.
You have to risk a lot today to get something different and special

avibram (120) [2009-05-02 22:17]

Nice angle and clean shot of this bird,the colours are also very good

avibram (120) [2009-05-02 22:15]

Lovely shot with the branches framing the face.He is watching you very intensely,very sharp .

avibram (120) [2009-05-02 22:13]

Great shot with food for the chicks.The colours and sharpness are great and the BG is perfect,

avibram (120) [2009-05-02 22:08]

Great shot in a difficult lighting condition,I see nice detail in the feathers

avibram (120) [2009-04-20 10:41]

This is an exceptional shot of a very nervous bird and especially on the nest.
Did the drive on the camera disturb the bird at all