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biplab59 (192) [2015-01-11 5:56] [comment]

Hi Biswarup, really a good snap

biplab59 (192) [2014-01-26 9:27]

Beautiful light & excellent sharpness. Thanks for sharing.

biplab59 (192) [2013-03-26 13:23]

Hello stone
Beautiful capture, great sharpness of the photograph particularly the eye, also the flower of the silk cotton.

biplab59 (192) [2013-03-26 13:16]

Hello Ardika
A great macro photograph, fantastic colour and sharpness of the spider, waiting for such a beautiful picture from your end.

biplab59 (192) [2013-03-26 13:07]

Hello Ivan
Though the photograph is slightly dull, still the composition, sharpness and colour of the bird along with background is great. Many many thanks for sharing such a beautiful bird.

biplab59 (192) [2013-03-26 12:57]

Hello Joydeb
Nice picture with details colour of the body, particularly in the head region,
thank u for sharing the colour full Blue-throated Barbet

biplab59 (192) [2013-03-26 12:50]

Hi Subrata
Good composition, thank you for sharing.

biplab59 (192) [2013-03-19 3:22]

Hello Mr. Jose
Beautiful shot with perfect exposure & great sharpness.
Many many thanks for sharing this picture.

biplab59 (192) [2013-03-03 8:07]

Hello Mr. Arun
Very good details with excellent sharpness, though the part of the wing is damaged, still it is very nice. Thank you for uploading another species of butterfly.
With regards
Biplab Kr. Mukhopadhyay

biplab59 (192) [2013-03-03 8:05]

Hi Mr.Tom
You have captured a good moment with great details and sharpness. Waiting for another wildlife photograph from your end.
With regards
Biplab Kr. Mukhopadhyay