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birch (11) [2006-07-29 12:34]

hehe, nice shot. I didn't think hoverflies bit though. Or is it just resting?

birch (11) [2006-07-29 1:03] [comment]

heh, nice, I've got one very similar on trekearth at

birch (11) [2006-07-23 0:20]

Very nice shot, I remember '76 and a lot of people complaining about them biting - not me. I've got a 2 spot here -

birch (11) [2006-07-22 21:11]

Hello Frank :-) would you like a mouse?
Nice shot, I think the lower blue line distracts a bit from the python. You should be ok going right up to it - I used to have one, never bit me.