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briclo (39) [2014-07-25 20:15]

What a dream place ♥ What an angelic face ♥

briclo (39) [2014-07-25 20:13] [comment]


briclo (39) [2012-10-14 6:43] [comment]

Stunning contrast of the violet flowers in the rocks, easy to loose the sharpness in the shades of grey and blue but you mastered this great piece. Kudos.

briclo (39) [2012-10-14 6:41]

Hello Stephen,

Magnificent composition, contrast and history information. I did not know this area of Ireland and I won't miss to visit it.

briclo (39) [2007-10-13 8:40] [+]

Superbe. I have tried to do as nice...I am still learning the macro...Very nice.

briclo (39) [2007-07-20 5:26]

Quelle belle prise. J'adore les Hérons, j'en photographie moi-meme beaucoup. Belle netteté, clareté. Excellent!

briclo (39) [2007-07-20 5:24]

Bonjour Laurent,
Superbe photo, belle macro et surtout, le vert et le violet en contre-fond...beau mixte de couleurs. Bravo!

briclo (39) [2007-07-20 5:21]

Belle composition, luminosité et reflexions dans la rivière...ceci me donne envie d'y aller...tres beau.

briclo (39) [2007-07-20 5:20]

I love this picture....going strait to my favorites. Great POV - colors and contrasts...Kudos,

briclo (39) [2007-07-19 8:49]

WOW, very nice composition. It is almost magical.
Nice contrasts and clarity.