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cattaro (23) [2005-09-27 4:02]

This pictura has a very good feeling. Good POV and nice colors.

cattaro (23) [2005-08-01 5:00]

Hi Alli, nice shot of my country, the combination of shadows of the clouds with the colours and the geometric forms of the fields is very impressive.
Have a nice summer

cattaro (23) [2005-07-19 11:50]

Very nice shot, this bird is very nice

cattaro (23) [2005-07-19 11:27] [+]

Very nice photo, very nice moment, very nice robin.
(If you want one more foreign language definition of robin, the Hungarian version is: vörösbegy)

cattaro (23) [2005-05-11 6:36]

I like this composition. Nice colors.

cattaro (23) [2005-05-06 6:55]

The Nirvana-theme is cool!