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PhotoCritique [Translate]

ewa1 (36) [2006-03-26 18:19]

Hello Evelynn,
Nice light underlining the lines on the trunk in this picture. Good colours and composition. TFS,

ewa1 (36) [2006-03-25 17:01]

Wow! That's such a great picture! I love it. At first I didn't know what it is, but now, when I know ;), I think you took a wonderful photo. TFS,

ewa1 (36) [2006-03-24 7:01]

Hello Maurizio. Great shot (how far away from you was the bear?). I like the texture of the bear's fur - you can almost feel its softness :). the out of focus branches in the first plan may be a bit confusing, but they add to the depth of the shot and luckily don't cover the animal. TFS.

ewa1 (36) [2006-03-20 13:36]

hello Andrea. what a cute animal:). I like the out of focus leaves in the front of the pic. Great colours- black, green and especially these red eyes. well done. cheers,

ewa1 (36) [2005-05-13 11:16]

oh... this one is so great. And it has a fish in its beak. You're lucky to have taken such a shot. I took lots of pictures of puffins during my trip to Faroe Islands and what I wanted most was a puffin with a fish, but I didn't manage to take such picture (I even didn't manage to see a puffin with a fish!). I'm sooo jeulous ;D and so you get 2 points from me for this one. TFS,