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falko (19) [2009-07-02 7:27] [comment]

I have a similar pic which I will post once I've gotten more info from an ornithologist, regarding some facts. Anyway I am a little disappointed in the fact that it looks like you used a flash? I don't know what the situation was, but for the future remamber to always think twice before using flash photography on nocturnal animals. Never-the-less, its still a good picture to take.

falko (19) [2009-07-02 7:15]

Yes its a great animal, but I don't want to be hypercritical but the picture is very posed. I can't flaw your technique, but for me the best part of nature photography is the actually seeing of the animals in nature. I've never had the chance to photograph a serval, but I have seen them in the wild (although they are quite reclusive) and for me that is a much better experience than having a beautiful portrait.

falko (19) [2009-07-02 7:07] [comment] [+]

I don't know if it's the same in KZN, but in the Free State, I found this bird ridiculously difficult to photograph. Maybe its my imagination, but I definitely find some species are just easier to capture than others. Maybe its a mixture of the habitat and the behaviour? Never-the-less, I really appreciate this pic because I've struggled to get one myself. Well done.