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fbarrosn (29) [2005-09-09 8:14]

great picture. I use to dive and I know how these angelfishs run from us at our slightest movement. Good colours and composition. Congratulations.

fbarrosn (29) [2005-02-07 17:09] [+]

Very nice shot Patrick, the blurred background gives movement to the picture which is not so easy.
Did you used an underwater case or shoot from outside, through the aquarium glass ?

fbarrosn (29) [2004-12-23 17:19] [comment]

Chantal, I know what you mean when you said about how difficult it is to take underwater pictures. The green colour is due to light absortion by the water, also. Normally one uses a coloured filter to compensate this effect. Congratulations.

fbarrosn (29) [2004-12-23 17:16] [comment]

Jorge, excelent photo, specially considering it was taken in the aquarium and not under the sea. Congratulations.