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freddys27 (9) [2005-02-21 3:53]

Very interesting capture. I think the bird is a little over sharpened, and I would have used Neat Image to filter out the noise in the sky.

Nice composition. Was this a prayer before dinner? I can't help but to think that there was some sort of prey that the eagle was looking down at.

freddys27 (9) [2005-02-21 3:47]

Nice shot, I really like your composition. I wish that I have been able to produce a shot as nice as this one.

If I were to nit pick, I would only complain on three issues.
I don't care for the window pane, I wish that you would have put a note, and I would have cloned out the three specs (in front of the be beek, in front of the chest, and in the body above the gap between the nuts).

I hope that I can share my opinion humbly. I haven't taken any shots as sharp and detailed as this one.

freddys27 (9) [2005-02-20 21:27]

Cool stuff, what does it taste like?

Very pretty frame.