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galderjon (2) [2011-01-28 18:25] [+]

I like the sharpness and contrast in the bird and in the spiky plants, while bokeh is even and pleasant...
Direct sunlight well controlled by your camera settings to get this crisp well composed shot.
Great job!
ps. you can post up to 800 pixels wide and high, 720 looks a bit small

galderjon (2) [2011-01-28 18:21]

Hi Sergio,

I love spiders and this one is especially cool and monstrous.
Interesting note about males/females sizes.
The f/10 was a must to get the full spider in focus, you did a great job, and bokeh is even and pleasant. The only flaw I find is that there is too much brights and hence strong contrast in the subject due to the use of direct flashlight. A reflector could solve this problem.