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gecko_gr (6) [2009-11-15 1:55]

sadly a very dead specimen (doesn't think cadaver should be photographed).... missing already many is a life one

gecko_gr (6) [2007-10-31 8:01]

Hi Makkala,
very impressing macro, how close you need to be at the dragonfly to get the picture ?

gecko_gr (6) [2007-10-31 7:56]

Hallo Makkala,
very interesting looking animal. Sharpness lies good on its head and the upper body, seems it ia a " big fella" so it's hard to get it all over sharp.
In which aera of Thailand is the park you took the picture ?

gecko_gr (6) [2007-10-31 6:54]

Nice colors captured. That the motive is centered vertically makes no negative influence on this picture. As we can see the horizon itwould be not a bad idea to level it horizontally cause it tilts to the left.