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hadi1121 (84) [2006-01-20 6:18]

Hi Alena,
Great landscape shot but the colors look so dim. Why not sharpen the colors and create some contrast that would remove the dullness in the shot. Focus is great and so is the angle of the shot. Cheers. Hadi

hadi1121 (84) [2006-01-20 6:15]

Hi Aldo,
Beautiful colors and composition. Attractive burning sky colors.Such cool looking shades. Awesome shot. Hadi

hadi1121 (84) [2006-01-17 21:28]

Simply Beautiful. Beautiful photography. ***** Hadi

hadi1121 (84) [2006-01-17 21:27]

Breathtaking shot of a spectacular scenery. Amazing photography and simply beautiful. Everything in the shot is charming. Hadi

hadi1121 (84) [2006-01-14 22:52]

Hi Shelley,
Nice focus and great close-up. Nicely imaged with great composition and beautiful vivid colors. Very interesting indeed. Hadi

Title: Bird
Bird (50)
Paulosousa (6897)


hadi1121 (84) [2006-01-14 20:50]

Hi Paulo,
Amazing shot of this natural beauty. I like the 'Question mark' in the eyes and expression. Nice colors and close-up. Well done and beautifully shot. Hadi

hadi1121 (84) [2006-01-14 20:47]

Hi Alli,
Great shot with great details of the image. Nice composition and lighting. You have well focused the main objective. Well Done. Hadi

hadi1121 (84) [2006-01-14 20:47]

Hi Ana,
Beautiful shot with vivid colors and cool shades. I like the contrast in lighting. Well Done. Hadi

hadi1121 (84) [2006-01-14 20:45]

Hi Daniel,
Beautiful shot with great details and sharpness. Well composed with vivid colors. Well Done. Hadi