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instamatic25 (29) [2006-05-08 13:39]

Hello Luis,
This is splendid! A perfect example of the 1/3-2/3 framing rule pertinence. But more than that, the colours : wow ..., the different shades of sand and the cloudy veil in the sky are magical.

instamatic25 (29) [2006-05-07 20:05]

Hi Maurizio,
No doubt you control your high level equipment as it deserves to be. Apart from technique, great shot. Thanks to the grey sky, I like the orange spots of the feet and beaks amid these grey shades.

instamatic25 (29) [2006-05-07 19:35]

Hi Trevor,
I like the framing and the vivid colours contrast. The presence of water droplets is a plus.
I'm just not very enthusiastic as regards the black and grey frame. Nice shot.

instamatic25 (29) [2006-04-30 18:15]

Hi Ken,
This amazing picture certainly deserves all the awards you cite and maybe more to come.
Perfect to me.

instamatic25 (29) [2006-04-30 18:02]

Bonjour Emmanuel,
Superbe! La composition, les couleurs, la mise au point + p.d.c., la note, ..., tout est au top.
En un mot : bravo!

instamatic25 (29) [2006-04-30 17:13]

Bonjour Valérie,
J'ai encore souvent l'occasion d'observer tritons, grenouilles et crapauds dans ma région mais cela fait très, très longtemps que je n'ai plus vu de salamandre. Merci de nous faire partager celle-ci au travers de cette très jolie photo : bons cadrage et mise au point, couleurs bien vives et contrastées. Bravo!

instamatic25 (29) [2006-04-30 16:44]

Hi Pam,
Really funny (great title!). I like the composition and colours, all in beige shades, it almost looks as if you desatured the whole picture except these green leaves in the foreground.
Nice shot!

instamatic25 (29) [2006-04-30 16:27]

Hi Christopher,
Really nice shot. I particularly like the colours harmony. Bravo!

instamatic25 (29) [2006-04-30 16:13] [+]

Hi Robert,
Maybe from now on, like me, you'll add the digital camera to your set of garden tools!
It seems a little out of focus to me (the shot was taken from a short distance, didn't you forget to set the macro mode in your hurry?). Anyway, I like the composition and the nice colours. Take good care of your pond and its denizens!

instamatic25 (29) [2006-04-30 15:58]

Hi Jannie,
Perfect focus on the subject, highlighted by a nice blurred background, vivid colours, good composition.
Great shot !