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joepan (82) [2009-05-31 22:25]

Hi Radomir,
Another fine Tiger!
Yesterday I found another one here (Borneo) that I've never seen before (Posted in TN on 31st May). Wonder if anyone can ID it?

joepan (82) [2009-05-31 22:01]

Great capture of a dramatic moment! Young bird may still be learning the trick but it's got a respectable-sized Tilapia which may take it some effort to swallow!

joepan (82) [2009-05-31 21:57] [comment]

Stunning capture, Phil! Thanks for sharing, must visit that wonderful place!

joepan (82) [2008-11-29 20:37]

Wow, what a colourful snake. Great capture, Shirley!

joepan (82) [2008-11-22 1:25]

Hi Dennis,
This is most likely a larva (caterpillar) of the Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas)of which you have a beautiful photo and your first post here in TN. It feeds on many kinds of leaves including that of guava, star fruit, citrus and possibly also santol. This caterpillar is probably nearly fully grown and will soon start spinning a silken cocoon and weeks later emerge as the huge and beautiful Mariposa "Atlas Moth" as you call it!
Joe Pan.

joepan (82) [2008-11-22 0:33]

Dragonflies are definitely my favourite insect subject. Nice photo, Mehmet!

joepan (82) [2008-11-15 10:34] [comment]

Cuckooroller is right of course, it's a Yellow Vented Bulbul (I guess it's something else in Filipino as "bulbul" means something else there!) :) Onre of the commonest birds in the PI as well as throughout SE Asia.

joepan (82) [2008-11-15 8:26]

Hi Yahwen, Lovely portrait of Godzila! I can't ID it to genus and species but it's one of the many species of Agamid Lizards (Changeable Lizards) in our region. Striking pose indeed, would perhaps be nice if it's making eye contact with the camera!
Best wishes,

joepan (82) [2008-11-15 8:01]

Hi Ralf, Congrats on catching a rare and endangered bird! The Helmeted is a very large bird which we here in Borneo seldom get to see in the wild even when we go into the jungle to search for it.
Cheers, and best wishes from Sabah.

joepan (82) [2008-11-09 6:05]

Lovely shot of a common butterfly, Nagaraj. Sharp details against a soft background.