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johnrose (17) [2005-11-16 8:39] [2] [+]

Great shot but should you not have left them to have a private moment!

johnrose (17) [2005-11-16 8:37]

Great shot it could even be in the New Forest, I have a couple of photos from there with very similar colours. Cheers

johnrose (17) [2005-11-16 8:36]

Good subject matter I like the colours. Cheers

johnrose (17) [2005-11-16 3:53]

Great photo and it looks a lot better than a tiny box in London. Cheers

johnrose (17) [2005-11-16 3:51]

Great photo, I like the rich colours, cheers.

johnrose (17) [2005-11-14 8:49]

Nice photo I was not allowed to put my photo of a New Forest pony up as I was told it was a domesticated animal. Instead you can view it on Trekearth.