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kakody1 (8) [2010-01-12 8:39]

very beautiful position of the bird on a really nice tree!
Ever if i don' t know what is treir both' s name!

kakody1 (8) [2010-01-11 6:14]

pretty cool flower!
It seems that it is ready to fly!!

kakody1 (8) [2010-01-11 6:12] [comment]

What is its name in greek?

kakody1 (8) [2010-01-11 6:12]

very well capture.
Nice background!

kakody1 (8) [2010-01-11 6:11]

I think if all the flower was shoot, it woyld have been perfect.
The colours are very vivid!

kakody1 (8) [2010-01-11 6:08]

Just perfect i like it very much