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leo (25) [2005-12-13 5:27]

Hola Livio:

All your bird shot are very good. This bird is a Thrush, however I cannot ID the SP. it is feeding on termites. These insects make their nuptial flight at the offset of the rainy season and their huge numbers benefit birds that are feeding young during this time of the year.

To id the bird look in a fild guide. I have one on Venezuelan birds but it does not show any bird like the one in the picture: Yellow bill, stripped throat,light legs and dark eyes.


Leo Garcia / Venezuela

leo (25) [2004-08-18 19:40]

Great sequence and notes!!!!!


Leo Garcia / Venezuela

leo (25) [2004-08-06 6:16] [2]


I have worked in zoos and I share your views with you. Governments and burocrats are an unhealthy combination for nature as one can expect the worse for a public zoo.

Public zoos can be underbudget, overlooked and prone to lack of modernization. Often the people who visit them don't pay or entrance fees are so low that they cannot sustain the zoos. However, if you privatize or rise the fees the public will go nuts!!!

The wellfare of the animals is not the first choice in this kind of scenario. So here is a proposal...your picture is very good, it is very graphic and fun to watch, your guear is that of a pro, so why don't you document more of the zoo with pictures as a self imposed job and use your skills to document a zoo story.

By the way no two zebras have the same pattern of stripes!!!


Leo Garcia / Venezuela

leo (25) [2004-08-06 5:48] [+]


Great tale and the photo documents the spider's behavior very well. One can see how she takes the webbing from her spinneret with its hind legs to wrap its prey. Your account is wounderful for us naturalist as it gives us an insight that could help us when photographing spiders. However, it would be nice to know how you took the picture and the equipment you used.


Leo Garcia / Venezuela