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lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-23 15:20]

Wow, I have never seen one of these! Great focus, love the wing detail! The background reed stem is a little distracting, cutting through the headarea, but at least it is well out of focus.

Great eyes, and I like how the head is turned - keeping you in vision. Fabulous!

Leslie. Tfp!

lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-15 14:57]

What a fantastic creature! Lovely colours and detail. Love the head colours.


lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-15 14:53]

Such a beautiful butterfly! You have captured it in some splendor! I like the pov and composition, and the background is perfect for highlighting the fine detail in the creature. I like the detail of the white hairs, especially beneath the wings, and the head. Lovely!


lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-15 14:49]

Hi Kris,
What a fabulous grasshopper. You have a fine photo and I like the plants too, they don't get in the way or distract from the real beuty here. Congratulations on a fime image. I like the detail in the G'hopper too!


lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-15 14:47]

Excellent presentation and a wonderful photo of this beautiful creature! The background is perfect, showing the butterfly to best advantage.


lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-15 14:44]

Now that's what I call RED! Lovely! Shame about that twig behind tail, but good pov and composition.

lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-10 16:08] [+]

Interesting composition. I like it! Maybe you could have used slower shutter to gain more dof?, nevertheless, I the angle make this a good image.

Oh, it looks like a *Crane Fly (they don't bite and are harmless) rather than a Mosquito. *have alook here

lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-09 12:10]

A curtain of dew. Wonderful shot. Congrats!

lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-06 15:18]

London - Rain, rain, rain! What to cheer me up? Ahhh, a lovely speckled wood! I like the contrast between butterfly and flower head. Thanks, Les.

lesinlondon (86) [2008-09-06 15:15]

I wish that horizontal stem wasn't there. But, this is a nice photo. The blue butterflies are so beautiful. Tfp! - Les.