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loufah (35) [2009-03-09 5:51]

Lovely! I really like the way you've captured the details of the web. I haven't had such luck with my spider shots. The branch on the right works well too, as a kind of frame for the picture. Well done!

loufah (35) [2009-03-08 11:08]

Beautiful macro, very clear. I like the composition in this picture and the colors. Happy women's day!

loufah (35) [2009-03-08 11:08]

Great composition in this picture, very sharp. Happy women's day!

loufah (35) [2009-03-01 6:20]

Wow! Great color. I like the bokeh in the background. Well captured.

loufah (35) [2009-02-25 3:28] [comment]

Fantastic sharp photo! I like the intensity in the tiger's eyes. Well done!

loufah (35) [2009-02-25 3:27]

Great color and composition!

loufah (35) [2009-02-25 3:25] [2]

Adorable! very well framed and good composition. Well done!

Title: Clownfish
Clownfish (16)
Paj (130)


loufah (35) [2009-02-25 1:56]

Wow! Well captured. Nice composition.